Monday, June 9, 2008

The Wedding...

Since the mansion - and its extensions- usually seem to know what everyone is up to in some form or another, it seems very strange to have to explain my wherabouts, especially in writing. But, I realize that today it has been almost 3 whole weeks since I left - wait a minute. I actually hadn't realized that until just now counting the dates out on my fingers. What in the world? - ok, so admittedly it's been a long time... Here is where I have been:

The Wedding:

PA was beautiful, the farm was on a rolling green hill covered in fields, trees and a few alpacas. We camped, cooked, planted, constructed, made bonfires, decorated, performed, danced.

Shira was the calmest neurotic bride I've ever met, and was moving chairs, cooking and carrying things until the hour before the ceremony. She and Jeff made the food for the dinner themselves using produce from local farms, canned beets for wedding favors and completely succeeded in making their wedding be a celebration of their community and their place within it, as well as of themselves.

I loved seeing so many people from my life in one place and getting to spend time with them in such an amazing place and way.

Aviva touched every part of the wedding without being there physically- she wrote a blessing for the ceremony, created part of the hoopa (spelling please?) co-created the centerpiece idea, wrote a song verse and was there on speakerphone when Travis played campfire songs. Still we missed her all of the time, and everyone talked about her incesantly.

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