Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Riad

One of Julia's student's parents own a Riad (hotel/restaurant) in the Fez medina. She took me there for a late dinner one night.

Dinner went like this:
We walked down a long alley, covered in carpets and entered an unmarked door. We were greeted by a woman who led into an amazing courtyard with flowers, fruit trees and a fountain. A man strummed a small stringed instrument while a beautiful woman sat next to him and sang.
We were brought us wine, bread, and ELEVEN salads. We ate most of them and I was stuffed.

Then, a tangine appeared- a sort of sauce of stewed vegetables over meat, this one over sheep. Jules doesn't eat meat at all, while I will on certain occasions. Taking one for the team, I ate a polite helping of mutton.

The wait staff came for our plates. I was relieved until I noticed that after taking my plate away, they gave me a new one. "Another tagine is coming..." the waitress said in french. "Encore?" This one was chicken, with apricot sauce and stewed prunes. It was amazing.

The man switched to a new stringed instrument. The tagine plates were cleared, and three tiered cookie plate arrived, folled by mint tea that I will dream about for the rest of my life.

The family refused to let us pay, and invited us to come again. A man with a lantern escorted us down the alley and back to our car. The whole thing was completely unreal, but never the less, amazing.

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