Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crafting Time

The Mansion kitchen is cooking with creative energy. Many a craft has been produced on its linoleum floors. A cursory list would include: sequin mania, pink feathered hula-hoop chandeliers, paper making, katubahs, kambucha, collages, crayon-sticker-marker-glue concoctions, blubber, landscape cakes, white chocolate sweet potato cake, screen prints, and hand-stiched recycled note cards. (Giant dream catchers, hookah lounges, and one hundred paper marigolds are omitted only because they were made in other rooms...)


One of the earliest mansion moves was to head to Levenworth, WA for Oktoberfest. Aviva, Joana, Cori, and Nicole, along with honorary mansioneers Mike, Azure and Emma, braved the frosty mountains for a night of Germans, bier and herring.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Dakota is the cutest member of the mansion. Here he is in one of his first few months in Seattle, washing some dishes.


Obviously its a travesty that up until now, no blog has featured the life and times of the Mansioneers. As soon as it was discovered that this major oversight had been left undetected for not just one, but nearly two years, we set about creating one right away so as not to let any more precious time go to waste. This blog, which we welcome you to now, is to help share with you highlights of both the coming months, and those past, of life in our wonderful abode. As a large and eclectic family living in a large and eclectic home we are generally amused, touched, and inspired by our own antics, and we hope you are as well.