Monday, June 9, 2008



I spent the week after the wedding in New York. I love Brooklyn, staying with Aliya and Travis, exploring. I also love New York as the international meeting place. No where else in the world do so many people from different backgrounds come together, filling subway cars with dozens of cultures and languages at one time. New York also seems to be where all of my various lives intersect: family, childhood, highschool, college, traveling, seattle: people I've known forever and people I've just met all seem to be there. And invariably I run into them in the street or on the subway, amongst so many millions of people.

Aliya and Mathew at Cuban breakfast (Aliya is having lemonade cleanse):

My parents came to visit for the day, and we went to an Austrian cafe, complete with delicious pastries:

My four year old cousin took this one:


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