Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Morocco is amazing but all of this posting has taken the love of blogging out of me for the time being, so more to come later. The short version:

I arrived.

Julia (my cousin) lives in a mountain town that is resorty and cool and at the end of the day, a really nice change from the surrounding areas.

The closest city is Fez, one hour by shared taxi.

They speak Arabic and French. I know like five Arabic words, so I use French. My conversations are sort of pre-school level.

People are really nice, though the women are nice-nice and the men are not always.

I love the Medinas-old parts of the cities surrounded by walls. The streets are as wide as donkeys.

I made some moroccan friends today.

I went to a night club in Marakesh.

I fed some monkeys.

Today I am going to the Sahara!

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