Monday, June 9, 2008


PA -> NY -> Barcelona

I thought this trip would be a chance to experience being alone, since I had a few days to spend in Spain before I headed to Morocco. It appears that I am not attracting solitude quite yet though: after a few blurry hours exploring el Barrio Gotico in Barcelona and weaving my way through crowds of people in the Picasso museum, I fell asleep in my hostal only to awake to my new traveling buddy standing at the foot of my bunk. Mariel, 29, from Buenos Aires and very much on the same wavelength as I, was my perfect traveling compliment. I tend to meander around, bumping into historical sites and museums only by chance. She, on the other hand, knew everywhere there was to go, had circled every important square, building and street on her map and was ready to see them as early as possible. Luckily, our paces were well balanced, and Mariel never went anywhere without mate and hot water which made seeing everything on very little sleep possible (and also made me addicted to mate.. drinking it now...)

I was sad to see Mariel go, but just a few hours after she got on the airport bus and we waved good bye, Autsy and Jade arrived. We scoped out the local hangout spots, became experts on Gaudi architecture and ate amazing cheeses in the apartment where they are squatting...(sort of).

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