Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fez Medina

The medina is the original city, surrounded by walls. It is still a fully functioning part of the city, with appartments, mosques, schools, doctors, industry, restaurants, and stores. The streets are narrow and goods are transported by cart or mule. The Medina in Fez is the most populated car-free area in the world.

Street sign:

Cleansing before prayer:

There are 64 quarters in the medina. A quarter is an area that includes a mosque and a fountain:

Traditional Moroccan houses were built with privacy in mind. If windows existed, they were enclosed, like this one, so that women in the house could see the street but could not be seen themselves:

Almost every house has a sattelite dish...

Working in a tannery:


aftermathew said...

wow, those pictures are gorgeous. I particularly found the enclosed window interesting.

Do you and Jules have to wear non-western gear when in public (example, hair covering, long skirt, or at least not shorts, etc)?

TheMansion said...

Thanks! No, we don't have to wear special clothes. A lot of women, especially in cities, don't cover their hair, do wear jeans, etc. Most don't wear tank tops or other more revealing clothing, so I haven't felt comfortable doing that either, but some people do and there's no real problem.

al said...


Um, yeah, so I love this blog! It is amazing, you are amazing and I am so happy that you are having fun on your travels :) Woot Woot. I love you lover.


p.s. and yes your pictures are amazing! (but then with that eye... and that camera...)

jen laceda said...

I love Marrakesh but not have been to Fez! Your photos are showing me what I missed! Great pictures! Also, congrats on the win at GranTourismo! Found your blog thru them!a

Nicole said...

Jen - thank you so much for your comment! And so sorry it's taken me months to reply - as you might have guessed from the frequency of posts, I've taken a hiatus from blogging and didn't see your note until now. Thanks again. I Just checked out your food blog and can't wait to try some of your recipes!